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LED grow lights are an energy efficient way to grow and are ideal for tight grow spaces as they produce very little heat output.  They can use up to 70% less energy than traditional grow lights and have a much longer life expectancy, up to 100 times longer than grow bulbs! Because of this, over time LED lights can work out cheaper than other grow bulb types despite the higher initial investment.

Getting the most from your LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights can get amazing yields but it can be a little tricky to get the distance right when growing with LED lights. The optimal distance between LED lights and the your plants can differ between models and manufacturers so always read the manufacturers guidelines! Its better to keep your LED lights too far way rather than too close, it's a common misconception that you can keep them really close to the plants because they run cool but your plants can and will still get burnt from the UV light, not the heat, and your plants may take a few weeks before the signs of this start to show! 

As a rough guide, here are the minimum distances that you should keep your LED grow lights from your plant canopy: 

LED Wattage Minimum Hanging Distance
1W LED Bulbs Min 12" 
3W to 5W LED Bulbs Min 18" 
300W+ LED Units Min 30" 


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