Formerly Tidy Hydro | Established 2013

Grow room tools

Grow area
  width in feet (optional)
  depth in feet (optional)
  height in feet (optional)
  Volume cubic feet
  Volume in cubic meters m3

  Number of lights (required)
  Total lumens
  Total watts
  Type of light (required)

Light coverage
  Watts per square foot
  Lumens per square foot

    (lumens depend on plant distance from light, value here is for guidance only)

Running costs
  Pence per kwh (optional) (you can change if you know what you pay)
  Cost per month at 12hours a day
  Cost per month at 18hours a day
  Cost per month at 24hours a day

Minimuminline fan capacity to exchange air every 3 minutes
  In cubic meters an hour = m3/ h
  m3/ h (with carbon filter and ducting)

Falloffin light intensity with distance
  Distance in feet from light to plant (optional)
  Lumens at plant

    (calculation assumes single point light source of 1 light to 1 plant)